Colorado Trail Race

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Sunday, July 28th, 2019 - 4am
Start: Velorution Cycles (Durango)
Finish: Waterton Canyon TH (Denver)

Any wildfire detours will be published on July 21nd. Until then, plan on the same course as 2017 and 2018.

Past Results and Records

The CTR: 500 miles and 70,000' of elevation gain winding through the Colorado Rocky Mountains between Denver and Durango. Approximately 300+ miles of singletrack at elevations ranging from 5500' to a gasping-for-breath 13,200'. The CTR is a monster! If the monster is in a good mood, you may experience Colorado's beautiful sunny blue skies and wildflowers blooming as far as you can see! But, be warned — the CTR's mood can change on a whim, and you may just as likely find yourself getting besieged by massive hailstones and lightning bolts. In short, don't come to this race unprepared — no one will be there to rescue you.

The CTR is similar to The Arizona Trail 300 and Tour Divide. There is no entry fee, no support, no registration, and no prize money. It is a self-timed ITT (Individual Time Trial): all that is provided is a route description, a suggested start time, and a list of results. However, all individuals participating are strongly encouraged to donate time or money to the Colorado Trail Foundation. Without them, we wouldn't have this trail!

Race Rules:

  • Race from Durango to Denver, self-supported, under only your own power, along the entire CTR route.

  • No pre-arranged support, with the exception of maildrops to a post office and only a post office.

  • Don't break the law.

Not clear enough? Read the CTR rule FAQ.

Colorado Trail Info:

For the most part, the Colorado Trail is very well marked. However, The Trailside Databook is a must-have for a breakdown of each segment with mileages and elevations. The 5th edition (available June 2013) will has marked bicycle detours that match the CTR Detours. Any shortcutting or deviating from the course, intentional or not, will result in a DNF, so please study the route and know it well! You may, of course, ride off course to resupply/sleep/eat as long as you return to the exact same spot you left.

The 2019 CTR starts in Durango and uses the Tarryall Detour as described in the offical Colorado Trail guidebook.

There are many, many segments of the CT with prodigious amounts of hike-a-bike, and also segments with miles on end of high alpine riding. In particular, the Cataract Ridge segment is not a good place to be during an electrical storm. So come prepared to do some hiking and to exercise good judgment regarding the weather.

Here is a terrific CT Trail Bikepacking Guide put together by Craig Fowler.

Course Overview:
NOTE: The mileage and elevation gain in this graphic are underestimated. Also, the course has changed to include Tarryall detour, so this graphic is inaccurate. To generate this graphic (and much more!) yourself, download Topofusion, and open the supplied .gpx file.

GPS Files:
The 2018 .gpx file is unchanged from 2016 and 2017, and was stitched together by Toby Gadd. Please see Toby's blogpost to download it. Thanks again, Toby!
Leadville Bypass - Hand-drawn .gpx file
Potential re-routes to be posted here prior to the race.
Denver to Durango Course Description:

Wellington Lake Road to Waterton Canyon - Ride Segments 1, 2, and 3.
Lost Creek Wilderness Detour - From Wellington Lake road, follow the bike detour through Tarryall as described in the official guidebook. Rejoin the Colorado Trail for the last few miles of segment 5. Note: 7th edition and older guidebooks start the detour prior to Wellington Lake Rd., but you will ride an extra 2 miles along the CT to Wellington Lake Road as indicated in the 8th edition guidebook.
Kenosha Pass to Wurtz Ditch Road - Ride Segments 6, 7, and 8. Ride the first part of Segment 9 to Wurtz Ditch Road.
Holy Cross / Mount Massive Wilderness Detour - Left on Wurtz Ditch Road, left on FS-100, right on US-24 to Leadville. South of Leadville, turn right onto Hwy-300, then left onto Halfmoon Creek Road. Regain CT @ Halfmoon Creek TH and start of Segment 11.
Halfmoon Creek to Clear Creek Road - Ride Segment 11. Note: Do not ride the alternate old Hope Pass route.
Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Detour - Left for 3 mi. on Clear Creek Road, right for 5.9 mi. on US-24, left on Rd-371 for 10 mi. on old railroad grade to B.V. Right on Main, across US-24 at light which becomes Rd-306 (Cottonwood Pass Road for 10 mi. to Avalanche TH. This is mile 6.6 of Segment 13.
Avalanche Trailhead to Saguache Park Road - Ride the remainder of Segment 13, then ride Segments 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. Leave segment 18 at Saguache Park Road to start the La Garita Detour. Note: 7th edition and older guidebooks start the next detour at Cochetopa Pass Rd., but you will ride an extra 6.5 miles along the CT to Saguache Park Road, as indicated in the 8th edition guidebook.
La Garita Wilderness Detour - Go right on Saguache Park Road for 2 miles, left on NN-14 for 5.8 miles, left on KK14 (Los Pinos Pass Rd.) for 24 miles, left at Cebolla Rd intersection for 15 miles to Hwy-149. Left on pavement for 7.6 miles to Spring Creek Pass and start of Segment 22.
Spring Creek Pass to Stony Pass Road. - Ride Segments 22, and rerouted (Cataract Ridge) segment 23. Note: This reroute is included in 7th Edition "Revised" and newer guidebooks, as well as the CT Databook, 4th Edition and newer. Pay close attention to the Trailside Databook at the start of Segment 22!.
Weminuche Wilderness Detour - Go right on Stony Pass Road and descend to Silverton. Climb the pavement up to Molas Pass and the start of Segment 25.
Molas Pass to Junction Creek Trailhead - Ride Segments 25, 26, 27 and 28.

Training and Preparation:

If you've never done a multi-day endurance ride, don't start with the CTR! Training and prepping for this beast is daunting and all-consuming. If you're looking for guidance, Dave Harris and Lynda Wallenfels have put together a 12-week CTR specific training plan. Dave and Lynda are well known in the multi-day endurance mountain biking circle, and best of all, they are donating 10% of all proceeds from the sale of this plan to the Colorado Trail Foundation!

To whet your appetite...

Race Contact & Links:

For inquiries or general questions, contact Stefan Griebel:
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CTR Course Record History:
In 2007, the first CTR ran from Denver to Durango. We used the Tarryall Detour, but skipped the Tenmile range (segment 7) and rode Cinnamon Pass instead of Coney Summit (segment 22) and the old Pole Creek trail (segment 23). This same course was used for 2008. Although Owen Murphy rode this route in 4d08h45m, he missed a short 5 mile section, so the course records for this route are:
Male:5d02h26m - Ethan Passant, 2008
Female: 7d01h46m - Trish Stevenson, 2008
In 2009, the course changed to use the Hwy-285 Detour through Bailey instead of Tarryall, as well as adding the Tenmile Range (segment 7), Coney Summit (segment 22), and the newly constructed, gorgeous Cataract Ridge (segment 23).
Male: 4d03h20m - Owen Murphy, 2009
3d23h38m - Jefe Branham, 2012
Female: 7d13h23m - Cat Morrison, 2009
6d05h30m - Eszter Horanyi, 2010
5d05h27m - Eszter Horanyi, 2011
In 2013, the course changed once again to use the long, mostly-gravel Tarryall Detour instead of US-285. The Tenmile Range and Coney/Cataract Segments were kept making the CTR as true to the actual Colorado Trail as possible for Mountain Bikes. In addition, we started from Durango in 2013. In future years, the start will alternate between Durango and Denver. The course records starting from Durango include the prologue from downtown Durango to the Junction Creek TH.
Male: 4d04h17m - Jefe Branham, 2013, Durango Start
4d09h55m - Neil Beltchenko, 2014, Denver Start
3d20h44m - Jesse Jakomait, 2015, Durango Start
3d19h40m - Neil Beltchenko, 2016, Denver Start
Female: 8d17h50m - Chrissy Nacos, 2013 ITT, Denver Start
5d15h36m - Jeannie Dreyer, 2015, Durango Start
6d14h33m - Ashley Carelock, 2018, Denver Start

2018 CTR Results: Denver Start, Tarryal Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments.
4d06h39m - Timon Fish
4d16h11m - Jefe Branham
5d00h54m - Scott Sidener
5d03h26m - Pete Basinger
5d05h32m - Justin Smith
5d06h13m - Richard Rothwell
5d10h01m - Gordon Macmillan
5d10h30m - Cookie Mike
5d12h53m - Cone Chris
5d14h02m - Josh Cameron
5d14h18m - Pete Schuster
5d17h56m - Colt Fetters
5d18h16m - Mark Lendzion
5d23h03m - Joe Dengler
6d06h21m - Todd Johnson
6d06h27m - Donnie Haubert
6d08h12m - Brad Ells
6d11h37m - Dana Ernst
6d14h26m - Greg Deemer
6d14h33m - Ashley Carelock
6d17h07m - Jim Crossland
6d17h16m - Alexandera Houchin
7d14h30m - Holt Harlan
8d04h29m - Isaac Denny
8d06h53m - Matt Hammett
8d07h31m - Pavel Macháček
8d08h24m - Kristen Tonsager
8d13h06m - Maxwell Lasky
8d15h11m - Jeremy Ordaz
8d17h58m - Petr Ineman
9d03h34m - Derek Henry
9d17h49m - Brian Martin
10d00h17m - Bob Butrico
19d09h37m - Charlie Herron
2018 CTR ITT Results:
ITT, Denver Start
6d15h06m - Chris Ellefson (ITT)
8d04h59m - Artec Durham (ITT)
8d08h55m - Andrew Sayers (ITT)
9d08h55m - Craig Mac (ITT)
9d21h18m - Hunter Hamilton (ITT)
10d05h05m - Erica Evans (ITT)
11d01h27m - Katie Anderson (ITT)
ITT, Durango Start
7d13h35m - Justin DuBois (ITT)

2017 CTR Results: Durango Start, Tarryal Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments.
5d05h40m - Seth Michael
5d16h18m - Greg Lewis
6d07h00m - Justin Dubois
6d09h37m - John Griffiths
6d09h40m - Chris Kampsnider
6d14h35m - Garrett Alexander
7d12h55m - Craig Fowler
7d12h58m - Brett Stepanik
7d13h29m - Dave Staffel
8d09h43m - Nick Gould
8d10h01m - Bill Shand
8d10h37m - Ryan King
8d15h57m - Will Scheel
8d16h27m - Meghan Newlin (Fastest and ONLY female finisher!!)
9d14h03m - Rob Adams
9d16h01m - Drew Huemmler
9d18h39m - Ben Salthouse
12d16h22 - John Schilling
2017 CTR ITT Results:
ITT, Denver Start
ITT, Durango Start 8d15h54m - Pat Adrian (Pat started with the group, but had a mechanical and restarted later that day)

2016 CTR Results: Denver Start, Tarryal Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments.
4d17h33m - Jefe Branham
4d21h49m - Ben Parman
5d05h50m - Ryan Franz
5d14h41m - Aaron Denberg
5d18h09m - Garrett Alexander
5d20h07m - Aaron Johnson
5d23h55m - Robin Schwartz
6d08h46m - Joe Sweeney
6d10h44m - Denny Newell
6d11h45m - Justin Simpson
6d11h45m - Tom Kavanaugh
6d12h09m - Kyle Quinn
6d21h37m - Paul Spencer
6d21h41m - Adam Marcinkiewicz
6d22h05m - Matt Quinn
6d22h16m - Paul Kruger
6d22h40m - Barry Ritchey
6d22h41m - Rob Conklin
7d00h31m - Scott Sidener
7d05h58m - Riley Barclay
7d15h26m - Graham Lierley
7d18h07m - David Goldberg
8d16h31m - Jessica Lobeck
8d19h57m - Alyssum Cohen
9d10h19m - Heather Rose
9d15h12m - Richard Sigouin
10d11h44m - Ian MacNab
11d09h02m - Michael Reuter
11d15h00m - Dave Kirk
2016 CTR ITT Results:
ITT, Denver Start
3d19h50m - Neil Beltchenko (Course Record!!!)
5d16h12m - Josia Morgan* (*US-285 Detour instead of Tarryall)
7d10h58m - Dom DeMaio
7d21h40m - Spencer Skerget
8d59h59m - Erin Carroll
ITT, Durango Start
7d01h36m - Tom Hoppe

2015 CTR Results: Durango Start, Tarryal Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments. (Time includes prologue from Durango to Junction Creek TH.
3d20h44m - Jesse Jakomait (Course Record!!)
4d04h42m - Matt Schiff
4d10h40m - Jefe Branham
5d04h09m - Sam Harney
5d05h01m - Aaron Denberg
5d07h31m - Joe Grant
5d08h21m - Sam Koerber
5d08h24m - Alexander Lussier
5d10h45m - Jay Petervary
5d15h36m - Martin & Jeannie Dreyer
5d16h28m - Montana Miller
5d16h53m - Chaz Dimarzio
5d17h23m - Dylan Taylor
5d17h23m - Andrew Carney
6d07h48m - Nick Patzer
6d08h21m - Brad Kee
6d08h23m - Kurt Ireland
6d10h57m - John Greig
6d11h10m - Justin Simpson
6d15h52m - Jeff Rank
6d18h59m - Alice Drobna
6d20h37m - Robert Orr
7d00h28m - Adam Marcinkiewicz
7d11h19m - Felipe Borja
7d12h31m - Daniel Hockenberger
7d12h35m - Robert Maye
7d17h30m - Mick Lester
7d23h03m - Jens MacAller
8d18h42m - Mark Caminiti
9d14h58m - John Fairbairn
12d12h19m - Will Ritchie
2015 CTR ITT Results:
ITT, Durango to Denver
9d4h48m - Don Jagel
ITT, Denver to Durango
13d00h00m - Roland Sturm (Course Deviations include the summit of Mt. Elbert)

2014 CTR Results: Denver Start, Tarryal Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments. (Timed from Waterton TH to Junction Creek TH)
4d09h55m - Neil Beltchenko (Course Record!!!)
5d11h14m - Tim Lutz*
5d11h50m - Christian McCarthy*
6d00h09m - Bryan Klahn
6d07h05m - Dave Stewart
6d12h??m - Garrett Alexander
6d13h27m - Robert Orr
6d14h12m - Chris Kampsnider
6d22h56m - Rick Miller
8d08h56m - Mark Caminiti
8d15h29m - Cullen Barker
9d11h08m - Norb DeKerchove
10d12h48m - Jeffrey Taylor
11d12h00m - Rich Mattson, Jim Reed

* Unfortunately, Tim and Christian missed the 2-3 miles of Jarosa Mesa on Segment 22. Same spot that Ethan and Owen spent time exploring in '09, and that Scott missed last year. Perhaps there are STILL a couple of CT markers along that old jeep road. (!?!) We gotta tear those out so this doesn't keep happening?
2014 CTR ITT Results:
ITT, Denver to Durango
12d09h59m - Jim Leikert

2013 CTR Results: Durango Start, Tarryal Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments. (Time includes prologue from Durango to Junction Creek TH.
4d04h17m - Jefe Branham (Course Record!!!)
4d05h13m - Jesse Jakomait
4d09h50m - Matt Schiff
4d17h38m - Jerry Oliver
4d21h30m - Travis Wildeboer, Neil Beltchenko
5d01h10m - Max Morris
5d12h41m - Paul Spencer
5d14h22m - Ryan Franz
5d15h59m - Pete Basinger
5d17h22m - Ben Gannon
5d19h05m - Aaron Johnson
5d21h36m - Pete Schuster, Todd Johnson, Jeff Spencer
6d03h42m - Brady Robinson, Nate Stewart
6d04h05m - Brad Kee
6d04h12m - Matt Fusco
6d07h23m - Joey Ernst, Danny Powers
6d12h28m - Aaron Weinsheimer
6d14h30m - Ty Hopkins
6d14h39m - Jeff Hemperley
6d15h06m - Jeremy Noble
6d15h14m - Adam Lisonbee
6d18h05m - Ian Altman, Cameron Millard
6d22h16m - Dave Stewart
6d22h34m - Dan Hickstein
6d23h25m - Eric Foster
6d23h27m - Paul Bosworth, Jason Thorman
7d13h51m - Forest Baker
7d13h51m - Scott Ruff*
7d21h46m - Dax Massey
7d22h??m - Jeffrey Rank
7d22h15m - Scott Shirey
8d15h10m - Dominic Lauzier
8d16h32m - Cullen Barker
9d14h53m - Mike Sharkey
9d14h58m - Bec Bale
10d07h27m - Mark Caminiti
11d03h27m - Dan Lockery
11d03h28m - Hal Loewen
11d12h35m - Will Ritchie
11d12h38m - Brue Syvertsen
11d12h42m - Teresa Garcia

* Unfortunately, Scott missed the 2-3 miles of Jarosa Mesa on Segment 22. Same spot that Ethan and Owen spent time exploring in '09. Turns out there are a couple of CT markers along that old jeep road. (!?!) Any volunteers to go rip those out so this doesn't keep happening?

2013 CTR ITT Results:
ITT, Durango to Denver
5d??h??m - David Picket-Heaps
6d09h35m - Aaron Denberg
6d22h08m - Wayne Keith
7d02h07m - Josiah Morgan

ITT, Denver to Durango
7d15h00m - Chris Ellefson
7d02h58m - Justin Simoni
8d17h50m - Chrissy Nacos

2012 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Waterton Canyon Start
3d23h38m - Jefe Branham (New Course Record!!!)
4d02h25m - Ethan Passant
4d02h39m - Jesse Jakomait
4d19h44m - Max Nuttelman
4d22h03m - Matt Schiff, Dan Miller-Lionberg
5d02h49m - Chris Miller
5d07h20m - Fred Hankinson
5d10h15m - Kurt Sandiforth
5d10h20m - Cat Morrison
5d11h39m - Joseph Shults
5d14h41m - George Lapierre, Travis Wildeboer
5d19h24m - Les Handy
6d05h07m - Alan Goldsmith
6d08h35m - Jeffrey Rank
6d08h55m - Becky Sears
6d09h04m - Tim James
6d09h18m - Kurt Ireland
6d14h35m - Ian Altman, Anthony Arena
6d16h45m - Paul Bosworth
7d04h46m - Toby Gadd
7d13h50m - Dominic Lauzier
7d14h41m - Calvin Davenport
8d02h43m - Tom Kavanaugh, John Harness
8d09h20m - Jeremy Plum
9d06h24m - Mark Caminiti
9d14h00m - Dave Kirk
10d11h10m - Jason Osborne

Did Not Finish:

I stopped listing DNFs for the last 2 years because it was getting too hard to keep track of them all. There are 30+ more not listed, but
Chris Neumann's story needs to be told. He was 15 miles from Junction Creek TH when things went horribly wrong.
2012 CTR ITT Results:
4d20h50m - David Picket-Heaps
4d21h00m - David Wilson
5d16h51m - Kurt Refsnider
6d14h13m - Kevin Camp
7d10h38m - Dan Hickstein (Rode Dgo --> Den)
7d23h11m - Steve Lacey
8d08h15m - Glen Meader, Wayne Keith
8d10h52m - Mark Allen
8d?? - Chad Parker
9d00h55m - Curtis Burge (Rode the '07-'08 course)
9d05h03m - Tom Karpeichik
9d08h56m - Simon Suster
10d8h00m - Jennifer Wolfson

2011 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Indian Creek Start
A short note on finish times.
4d11h54m - Kevin Thomas
4d17h58m - Garrett Peltonen
4d20h51m - Zach Guy
5d05h15m - Jarral Ryter
5d05h27m - Eszter Horanyi
5d07h40m - Jerry Oliver
5d09h00m - John Fulton
5d13h28m - Andrew Carney, Steve Carney
5d14h40m - Cat Morrison
5d14h55m - Joey Ernst, John Ross
5d15h44m - Shawn Gregory
5d18h14m - Aaron Weinsheimer
5d18h19m - Todd Johnson, Chris Miller, Jordan Carr
5d23h00m - James Lindenblatt
5d23h02m - Steve Wilkinson
6d09h59m - Jesse Palmer
6d11h26m - John Fettis
6d12h07m - Jeremy Noble
6d14h36m - Tim Halbakken
7d07h34m - Matt Porembski, Pete Schuster
7d17h02m - Jill Hueckman
8d02h24m - Jonathan Edwards, Andy Heading, Steve Heading
8d05h16m - Bart Spedden
8d09h27m - Brett Ebben
9d10h16m - Clark Davidson
9d11h42m - Marco Capote, Zach Allen
9d14h00m - Chuck Janecek
10d13h09m - Fred Grinnan
10d12h50m - Josh Enck
2011 CTR ITT Results:
6d23h21m - Dan Hickstein
7d14h14m - Ian Altman
9d03h09m - Joe Brannan (Joe rode SW ---> NE)
10d16h59m - Eddie Turkaly (Eddie rode SW ---> NE)

2010 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Indian Creek Start
4d13h35m - Ethan Passant
4d15h05m - Jesse Jakomait
5d02h10m - Jefe Branham
6d05h30m - Eszter Horanyi
6d08h05m - Timothy Kugler
6d13h25m - Matthew Steinwand
6d16h40m - Garrett Peltonen
6d19h15m - Cat Morrison
7d03h15m - Zach Guy
7d07h40m - Dylan Taylor
7d12h58m - Pawel Kudela
8d08h24m - Jason Johnson
8d09h47m - Bill Guerrera
8d10h43m - Mark Caminiti
8d15h00m - Toby Gadd
9d14h07m - Andy Farish
10d09h54m - Bob Butrico
14d05h31m - Ryan Feild

Did not finish:

John Fettis - Bolam Pass
James Leavesley - Hwy 149
Dave Harris - Hwy 149
Jeff Kerkove - Los Pinos Pass
Sean Allan - Hwy 114
Aaron Weinsheimer - Marshall Pass
John Fulton - Marshall Pass
Jon Csakany - Marshall Pass
Emily Brock bailed near Marshall Pass
Emily Sportsman - Hwy 50
Scott Sportsman - Hwy 50
Steve Lacey - Salida
Gabe Dillon - Leadville
Dave Kirk - Mt. Princeton
Chris Miller - B.V.
Kurt Ireland - B.V.
Tom Komoroski - Copper Mountain
Bart Spedden - Frisco
Greg Bachman - Frisco
Jeffrey Zipfel - Frisco
Doug Johnson - Swan River Rd.


Nathaniel Gallion - rode in a motor vehicle, intentionally dropped gear

2009 CTR Results: US-285 Detour and Tenmile/Coney/Cataract Segments, Waterton Canyon Start
Full Replay as recorded by SPOT trackers
4d03h20m - Owen Murphy Course Record!!!
4d20h24m - Doug Johnson
4d23h13m - Stefan Griebel, Jefe Branham
6d13h29m - Scott Morris
6d16h03m - Dave Harris
6d16h38m - Brian Taylor
6d18h43m - Jeff Oatley
7d08h07m - Rich Otten
7d13h06m - Marshal Bird
7d13h23m - Cat Morrison
7d13h58m - Alex Platt
7d18h53m - David Goldberg
9d05h43m - Mark Caminiti

CTR Course Note: In 2009, both the GPS track and data/guidebooks indicated the CT as following a jeep road from above Twin Lakes down to a campground before rejoining a ST. However, new CT markers indicate the trail as following some older ST and newly built trail instead of the jeep road. Because of this discrepancy, either route was deemed acceptable.

Course Deviation:

5d13h38m - Ethan Passant
Ethan missed a short 3 mile section of trail over Jarosa Mesa on Segment 22. This is the same section that Owen missed, but then somehow realized it, and backtracked to the actual CT.

10d12h38m - Dan Joseph, Nick Thelen
11d09h45m - Tom Jensen
Dan, Nick and Tom all rode Cinnamon Pass instead of Coney's + Cataract (Seg. 22/23) Similar mileage, but perhaps 4000' less elevation gain and no hike-a-bike.

Did not finish:

Joe Bagley - Silverton, after course deviations on Coney's + Cataract Ridge segments
Steven Garrett - Silverton, after course deviations on Coney's + Cataract Ridge segments
Jason Shelman - Silverton, after course deviations on Coney's + Cataract Ridge segments
Tegan Davis - Spring Creek Pass
Andrew Carney - Hwy 149
Chuck Ray - Hwy 149
Tim Stern - Hwy 149
Chris Neumann - Los Pinos Pass Road
Todd Johnson - Marshall Pass
Max Morris - Marshall Pass
Karl Wilcox - Hwy 50
Greg Bachman - Chalk Creek Segment 14
Kevin Montgomery - Chalk Creek Segment 14
Robert Kranz - Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
Lee Blackwell - Leadville
Dave Nice - Copper Mountain
Kurt Ireland - Copper Mountain
Dan Montgomery - Frisco
Ryan Scalva - Kenosha Pass
Steve Stalgren - ??

2008 CTR Results: Tarryall Detour and Cinnamon Pass
5d02h26m - Ethan Passant
5d06h27m - Chris Plesko
5d23h47m - Jeff Oatley
6d04h06m - Brad Kee
7d01h46m - Trish Stevenson
7d06h45m - Dan Montgomery
7d07h00m - Dennis Helton
8d03h14m - Matt Fusco

Course Deviation:

5d03h49m - Jason Shelman
Jason inadvertently skipped the middle of segment 18, starting the La Garita Wilderness detour at Cochetopa Pass Rd. instead of Saguache Park Road, only realizing this almost a year later.

Did not finish:

Marshal Bird - 40 miles from Durango
Eddie Turkaly - Just before Durango
Chris Neumann - Salida
Doug Johnson - Hwy 114
Pete Basinger - Hwy 114
Curtis Burge - Cottonwood Hot Springs
Tim Graczyk - Buena Vista
Chuck Ray - South of Leadville
Jim Ishman - Leadville
Dave Nice - Copper Mountain
Keith Eckstein - Frisco
Alison Gannet - Frisco
Kyle Stone - Kenosha Pass
Travis Butler - Tarryall
2008 CTR ITT Results:
4d08h45m - Owen Murphy
Owen inadvertently skipped the end of Segment 3, thus riding 5 miles and ~800' less than the actual CTR route. He only realized this upon closer inspection of the detours for the '09 race. Clearly, he still would have crushed the course record.

2007 CTR Results: Tarryall Detour & Cinnamon Pass
5d05h30m - Jefe Branham
5d05h50m - Stefan Griebel
6d00h17m - Ethan Passant
6d04h51m - Jason Trimm
6d21h55m - Fred Wilkinson
7d05h15m - Matthew Lee

Did not finish:

~475 miles - Mark Caminiti
~275 miles - Dan Montgomery
~100 miles - Dave Nice
~30 miles - Jim Ishman